New Hope Staff

Let us introduce you to a few of the friendly faces you might see here at New Hope.

  • Pastor William Sillings

    Dr. William Sillings has served as pastor of New Hope Worship Center in Oklahoma City since 1987. He also serves as General Superintendent of the International Fellowship of Bible Churches, Inc. He assumed this post in July of 1998, after serving several years as Administrative Coordinator for the Fellowship. He had also served as the Editor of Fellowship Publications from 1988 until 1998, and as part of the International Coordinating Council from 1988-96.

    Dr. Sillings is the son of Harrison and Fennettia Sillings, of Palmyra, Indiana.  He married Shirley Wolfe Sillings in 1972.  The Sillings have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren. All are serving the Lord.

    The Sillings have been in the pastorate since 1975, serving as pastor of four churches in the Church of the Bible Covenant from 1975-1987. These churches were in West Harrison, Indiana; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Peoria, Illinois; and New Castle, Indiana. In 1987, the family moved to Oklahoma City to take up pastoral responsibilities in what is now called New Hope Worship Center. As a pastor, Dr. Sillings’ chief pleasure in life is helping people come to know Christ in His fullness and in seeing them mature through personal devotion, discipleship, and service.

    Dr. Sillings also served as Editor of “The Covenanter,” the official publication of the former Church of the Bible Covenant from 1983-88. Also during that same time frame, he served on the church’s missions board and the college board of control. From 1986-87, he served the denomination as Vice President of Finance for Covenant Foundation College, his Bible College Alma Mater. Dr. Sillings completed his Th. B. degree at Covenant Foundation College in 1975. He then completed the Master of Divinity degree at Anderson School of Theology, Anderson, Indiana in 1986 and the Doctor of Ministry Degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, in 1996. The duties of Fellowship Missions involvement have so far led Dr. Sillings to the Philippines, Barbados, Guyana, Guatemala, and Nigeria. World Mission and Evangelism are vital to Fellowship identity.


  • Pastor Christian Ramsey

    Pastor Christian Ramsey came to New Hope Worship Center in the Fall of 2017. He has pastored, ministered in the persecuted church, and has led home Bible studies for 25 years, and been a featured speaker for local, state, and international meetings and conferences. Pastor Ramsey currently also serves the International Fellowship of Bible Churches as part of the International Coordinating Council. He has a range of  experience in education as well. He taught in secular and Christian schools ranging from elementary school through university and spent years instructing various martial arts. His passion is the equipping of others to be all that they can be for the Lord in whatever field He calls them.

    Pastor Ramsey holds a Bachelor of Education from Emporia State University, an MA in Theology from Wesley Biblical Seminary, and a Th.M. (Master of Theology) in Biblical Studies from Regent University. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Renewal Theology with a concentration in Biblical Studies also through Regent University. He and his wife, Terri have been married 20 years, have a grown daughter, and a number of young people in their world to whom they consider it a blessing to minister. Terri is a great support, a gifted mentor of women, and adores her piano students. Pastor Ramsey likes researching and reading about "deeper" things, spending quality time with people (especially his wife), walking in the rain (unless it's real cold), and being finished with his workouts :).

  • Youth Pastor Jennifer Sillings